Reading Strategies to Support Our Children

School News January 23, 2024
Reading Strategies to Support Our Children

The purpose of reading is to develop understanding and promote thinking, gathering information, a means of entertainment, communication, and a source of knowledge.

Instilling a love of reading can be developed in several ways; providing reading materials in every room ensuring the written word is accessible. Introducing children to a broad range of genres develops the individual appetite for reading, finding the personal preference to encourage a child’s desire to read can be key. As adults we are role models and should be advocates for reading for pleasure. Moving away from devices and technology can provide a buffer that not only supports wellbeing but engages with a meaningful and empowering skill which enhances personal growth.

Reading can also be incorporated into family time, reading as a family can be a bonding quality time. Setting aside time each week to read as a family together can be incredibly rewarding, whether you read the same text together or simply read quietly and then discuss and share. Children enjoy sharing their ideas, facts and enjoy taking on the role of ‘teacher’.

The use of questioning techniques doesn’t need to be classroom based and can easily be adapted and part of your discussion time with your child when reading together. The three key questions are: fact related questions to aid comprehension (How…? Why…?), imaginative questions (If you were…what would you do? Why?) and anticipation and prediction questions (What do you think will happen next?). Questions help you as an adult understand or gauge a child’s understanding of a text and promote independent perspective and opinion of children.

True comprehension of a text goes beyond literal understanding and involves the reader’s interaction with text. If students are to become thoughtful, insightful readers, they must extend their thinking beyond a superficial understanding of the text.

There's a popular Chinese proverb that says du wanjuan shu, xing wanli lu, or translated literally “to read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles.” Essentially, we want our children to open their minds to a world of possibilities, to provide them with knowledge and understanding to ensure they are equipped and ready for the world. At WASCZ, we believe in a world where every child can excel.