Winter Rowing Updates

School News March 22, 2017

The winter program has focused on fitness, technique and discipline!

As I reflect on the winter program, key numbers keep popping into my mind. Over 500 pupils have had the opportunity to row, sixty pupils are in the rowing academy and the ergo machines have clocked up over 1,000,000 miles and are now due their summer service!

For the Senior Academy groups, they have accessed the water with greater frequency. This has been balanced against indoor ergo and land training sessions, a necessity when harmonising academic demands and on occasion poor weather conditions. Regardless of the location the lessons have left me impressed with our pupils, who day after day show great enthusiasm and love for this sport.

As the Wycombe Abbey International School Boat Club approach their first Regattas of the season, all the pupils are excited to see if they can better the times achieved during Winter training.

The winter training ‘top jockeys’ for the 30min (rate 20) 2016/2017 Academic Year are:


Girls S. Huster (Y13) 2:19.0 /500m  r20

Boys G. Chen (Y11) 2:09.3 /500m  r20

Inters Crew

E. Enkhbold, J. Wang, S. Sheng, K. Wang

Inters 30 minute (rate 20) & One Kilometre Test

J. Wang  2:15.9 /500

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