Going Green

School News May 20, 2017

On May 20th 2017, WAIS Science Department organized a trip for pupils from Years 7 to Year 10. It was a fantastic trip in the Green Building Industry Agglomeration Demonstration Area in Changzhou. The aim being to help pupils gain knowledge and understanding of sustainability and environmental protection – knowledge which will undoubtedly help them in their future International Science examinations.

In the main introduction building, pupils were told how the buildings work and the long-term plan for this area. They got to know the size of this area, the total number of buildings in the place, and how the systems were computer controlled and could be operated by people in Beijing. Pupils can also access this system to get more detailed information about the place.

After that, pupils were divided into groups and took a tour of the typical buildings in the demonstration area. They liked the building made from shipping containers and enjoyed the bedrooms – which they could compare to their boarding rooms in School!

As part of the tour pupils enjoyed a walk through the wetland area. Here plants grow well - watered by treated waste water. It was enjoyable to walk over the bridges with the sun shining and great views. In the green area, there are a lot of plants and fruits and visitors are welcome to enjoy some fruit. pupils enjoyed picking loquats which tasted good.

During the trip, pupils were assigned a task to collect information about the site. They worked hard to complete this – to gain knowledge which compliments the things they learn in school - whilst having a lot of fun at the weekend.

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