World Scholar’s Cup Shanghai

School News April 18, 2018

Last weekend, seventeen Wycombe Abbey pupils from Year 7 to Year 12 formed six teams and travelled to Shanghai to compete in the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup. 

This prestigious competition requires candidates to showcase a range of skills including debating, memory recall, logic and essay writing on a variety of different subjects. The challenging specification requires pupils to dedicate a lot of free time to research a wide range of topic areas including art, literature and science. 

The Shanghai round saw over 600 high caliber pupils from the area in attendance and the competition was fierce. Our pupils performed brilliantly over the two days both as teams and individuals. All seventeen members of the group won medals, with  five of our teams qualifying for the next round of the competition which takes place in Kuala Lumpur in June.  

Our pupils deserve huge credit for their hard work and commitment. Pupil highlights of the World Scholars Cup weekend are noted below:


T. Gao – 15th best debater (Gold) 

E. Taylor – 7th in Literature (Gold) 


S. Xu – 34th best individual writer (Gold) 

C. Zhang – 59th champion scholar (across all rounds) (Gold) 

D. Zhang – 50th best debater (Gold) 

H. Wen – 47th best debater (Gold) 

S. Zheng – 21st best individual writer (Gold)

G. Huster – 2nd across all subjects in the challenge (Gold) 

Team Awards

G. Huster, H. Wen and C. Guo’s team came third in the team Scholars Bowl, fifth in the Team Challenge and were ranked seventh overal. 

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