Inter & Senior Football take on Taihu School

School News April 18, 2018

Wednesday afternoon saw the Wycombe Abbey U19 Boys Football team overcome a spirited Taihu Team. With goals from J. Zhang, C. Zhu and K. Miao making the difference on this occasion. The Wycombe Abbey U15 Girls Football Team put in a brave performance, however, were outplayed by a well-organised Taihu side who kept Goalkeeper J. Qiu busy.

Wycombe Abbey U15 Girls – A. Song, J. Qiu, D. Wang, K. Liu, C. Shi, C. Zhang, J. Xia, B. Sun, C. Gu, K. Wang, K. Li, A. Cao, A. Li, A. Xu.

Wycombe Abbey U19 Boys - J. Zhang, C. Gu, P. Jia, H. Tao, W. Wang, Y. Zhen, K. Miao, A. Guest, N. Ni, L. Wang, C. Zhu.

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