Swimming Gala Success

School News April 25, 2018

Our 3rd Swimming gala of the year saw our team competing at Shanghai High School against eight other schools. Competition was fierce as noted in the match report below. 

L. Wu was the first to go in the 50m backstroke, which she had performed superbly in previous races. She recorded a time of 46.92. L. Yang who has been our most consistent performer this year recording a time of 49.70 in the 50m breaststroke. L. Yang will admit this is not her favorite stroke, but with her unique ability to swim under pressure, she put in a strong performance. N. Lin competing for the first time & N. Lin produced an excellent displays, with N. Lin clocking 56.70 in the 50m breaststroke before going into the and freestyle to record a time of 44.45. 

A. Li and A. Chen were competing in their first gala. A. Li gained a lot of credit by swimming a 50.12 in the freestyle and left Shanghai knowing she had given all to the cause on a tough day. A. Chen who was positioned in the lane next to A. Li swam a very good time time of 43.79 which drew a great smile from her parents and the coaches. The boys competed well with W. Zhou in the 50m freestyle gaining a time of 38.04. N. Wang recorded a time of 38.07 and to the sheer delight of the team E. Liu (Pre A) came away with gold! 

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