Young Artists Visited Shanghai Galleries

School News June 24, 2018

On Sunday 24th June, next year’s year 12 and year 13 Art pupils made the trip to Shanghai to see exhibitions at three of the city’s most important galleries exhibiting contemporary Art; the Yuz Museum, the Long Museum, and the Power Station of Art.

The Yuz Museum is hosting ‘Everything & Nothing’, the first solo exhibition in Asia by London-based art collective Random International. The exhibition encompasses brand new works as well as Rain Room, a field of perpetually falling water that participants can explore whilst remaining dry, exploring how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated by technology. The exhibition gave our pupils the experience of interacting with works of Art, as well as expanding their perception of what Art can be. 

The Long Museum is displaying ‘Turning Point’, a 40-year retrospective of Chinese Contemporary Art. It was really interesting discussing this work with the pupils, as they were able to offer me their own impressions of the work, from a Chinese viewpoint. The pupils were also delighted to see pieces with which they were able to draw comparisons to their own practice.

The Power Station of Art is currently housing two excellent exhibitions, and of course we took in both. First, we saw French conceptual artist Christian Boltanski’s solo exhibition ‘Storage Memory’, the second exhibition of the day that encouraged us to think about the human condition and our place in the modern world. The biggest discovery of the day was ‘A Beautiful Everywhere’, an exhibition of more than 100 artworks by 31 International artists. Here pupils were able to see installations, photography, sculpture, video, illustration, painting, and print. This exhibition truly ignited everybody’s imaginations, and was a real highpoint to finish on. I felt at this point that the purpose of the day had been fully realised; each pupil excited by the possibilities that next year brings. Huge thanks to Ms Goyes Telles, Mr Hamilton, and Mr Bridgewater for accompanying us and supporting the trip.

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