Swimming Success in Shanghai

School News March 03, 2019

Swimming competence and success are a vital and important life skill at WAIS and last night our young swimmers won eight of the race’s heats at the Spring Festival event at Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School.. The Swimming squad have been working hard in training because of this hard work the WAIS team had a successful time at a gala last weekend in Shanghai. 

WAIS swimmers set off early for the Shanghai School Sports Association with seven from secondary entering and two primary pupils joining them. D. Hong (Yr 8 Elgar) won first place of his heat winning the victory bracelet and T. Hu (Yr 9 Scott) also performed well whilst L. Yang (Yr 9 Dove) was fourth place in a very tough 400m medley. H. Feng (G4 Hawking) him won first place of his heat in butterfly and breaststroke and C. Monticelli (Yr 7 Fonteyn) won the first place of her freestyle heat. 

Congratulations to all our swimming team.

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