School News March 02, 2019

Drama iGCSE and Music pupils visited Shanghai Grand Theatre to see the International Tour of the acclaimed musical ‘SCHOOL OF ROCK’ last weekend. Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, following the success of the film starring Jet Black, this music tells the story of a group of children who create a rock band under the leadership of their unconventional supply teacher – a frustrated, wannabe Rock Star.

It was the perfect show to inspire our talented and enthusiastic pupils, and the talk beforehand with the show’s director really did do just that.  During the talk the pupils also asked some great questions about how the show was put together, and what a day on tour was like for the young cast.  The pupils were amazed to hear about how the young cast all played their instruments live during the show, and how many of them had changed from classical to rock in order to take part in the production.  The young girl who played Katie was originally a cellist but was given a bass guitar in the audition and told to learn it and come back in a week!!! Scary stuff for a 10-year-old, but you would never believe it to look at the brilliant, assured performance we saw onstage. 

The energy and skills of all the cast were an inspiration to all our pupils, and ‘Awesome’, ‘Loved it’ and ‘I can’t believe they could do that’ were just some of the comments as we left the show. 

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