WAIS Warriors are once again victors of the netball court

School News April 21, 2019

The school staff women’s team travelled to Shanghai for an actioned packed Sunday of matches. It was a great way for the ladies to spend an afternoon playing competitive sport against other rival clubs, mixing socially and being part of a team.

The staff members are made up from a variety of teaching subjects and comprised of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary teachers. They practice every Monday evening to enhance their skills so they can be a force to be reckoned with. Often these trainings are games against male staff to help give them tough competition and get them fired up ready to perform to their potential.

These dedicated training sessions certainly paid off with three convincing wins making the tournament hugely successful for WAIS.

The shooting circle were on damaging form throughout their clashes with exceptional games from A. Marnoch and L. Guy at mid court.

Player versatility is the key to the Warriors team. They are able to switch players positions to change the tactics of the game and adapt to their opposition quickly to create scoring opportunities and dominate possession.

After success 23-12 against Suzhou Netball Club and a convincing 30-1 score vs Shanghai Storm Netball Club 2, WAIS closest rivals were Shanghai Storm 1. The Warriors oozed confidence after their back-to-back wins and bolted to an early lead of 9-4 in the first half. The second half saw some tight mid court marking which continued to disrupt the flow of the other team to win 18-9. 

The WAIS Warriors team – E. Tamati, M. Tamati, S. Howes, A Marnoch, L. Guys and A. Chan.

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