Field Trip to Factory

School News April 15, 2019

On 15th April 2019, members of WAIS Entrepreneurs & Economists Club (EEC) visited Bai Xing Group of Companies’ headquarters in Changzhou. Bai Xing is a China’s 500-strong enterprise and operates several B2B (Business 2 Business) manufacturing plants, supplying semi-raw materials to various factories across industries. 

Meeting people, customers, clients, suppliers or sub-contractors, can be very time consuming for the top echelons in any organizations. Yet EEC members noticed how Mrs. Ru, the Managing Director of Bai Xing Group of Companies took time off her busy schedule to welcome the EEC delegation.

Mrs. Ru started with a short power point presentation and offered a comprehensive overview of Bai Xing Group of Companies and the various factories under its flagship. Mrs. Ru ensured that she will make the visit as simple and as interesting as possible for EEC members. 

After which, Mrs. Ru took EEC members on a guided tour of one of Bai Xing’s factories, a textile production factory, including the weaving department, packing and quality control and finally to the logistics and warehouse department.

For many EEC members, that was the first time visiting a factory, so there was a lot of excitement, awe and asking of questions amid background factory noise from machinery, something which can be very refreshing for classroom learners.

This visit to Bai Xing Group of Companies offered our pupils interesting perspectives of operating a factory, the challenges and solutions. Members of Entrepreneurs & Economists Club greatly benefited from this opportunity. 

At the end of the visit we presented Mrs. Ru, a small token of our appreciation- A Wycombe Abbey Bear!

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