Thriving Fashion ECA

School News May 13, 2019

Chinese architecture has been the source of inspiration for a thrilling new project at Wycombe Abbey.

Fashion ECA with Art teacher Vanessa Cockburn is thriving and rapidly growing in popularity.

Miss Cockburn said: ‘It’s a new project introducing fashion design to some senior pupils. We started phase one taking inspiration from Chinese architecture and culture. Each chose their own famous building focusing on and designing clothes on the basis of it.’

Working in groups the pupils have selected such celebrated structures as Olympic national stadium the Birds Nest, Chongqing Guotai Arts Center, Fang Yuan Mansion Shenyang, CCTV Headquarters Beijingand Palace Museum Beijing.

Fashion ECA began this term senior pupils designing clothes but has now expanded to a larger number of both girls and boys. The ECA has complete model stands, cutting equipment and sewing machines to provide pupils with the tools required to make their wonderful designs into real clothing.

Miss Cockburn is a highly experienced fashion specialist having worked in the industry for years in the UK and Europe including showing at Paris Fashion Week and working for major brands such as ASOS, Top Shop and Urban Outfitters.

Miss Cockburn added: ‘There’s no limitations with what we can do with the pupils designs. They can turn them into real garments, it depends what the children want to do.’

Plans are already ahead for next year and more sensational fashion projects. These could include a deconstruction project taking apart clothing and putting it back together in new and unusual ways, a draping theme looking at simple shapes, considering how fabrics sit and move on the body and also presenting how origami can influence designing garments.

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