ImpressIve Performances from WAIS Swimmers

School News May 18, 2019

Wycombe Abbey swim team returned from the last gala of the year with some impressive performances.

The swimmers were competing at the Shanghai School Sports Association event at YK Pao School.

The gala featured many athletes form schools all over the region and the 5am departure didn’t stop the Wycombe Abbey team from doing well.

Primary pupil J. Jiang showed no fear as he stepped up and won the 50m butterfly group race in 43.6 seconds in the first round. 

The next race was the girls 50m backstroke with experienced swimmers L. Yang and L. Wu taking part.

D. Hong completed the breaststroke race with a perfect dive, turn and achieved a great time of 49.34 seconds. H. Ding was next in the breaststroke event and despite diving and accidentally knocking off his swimming cap he still persevered until the end.

The freestyle event was the most anticipated race of the day. Weary Wycombe Abbey swimmers lifted their spirits for this as L. Yang still won first place in the group race with a highly creditable 34.79 seconds. 

The gala drew a successful conclusion for WAIS swimmers with training already set for next season.

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