The Wycombe Abbey Sports Dinner

School News June 01, 2019

Sporting commitment and dedication was applauded and praised at the annual Wycombe Abbey Sports Dinner.

Over 100 guests attended the Friday night event at the Shangri La Hotel which featured a Chinese buffet banquet and award presentations.

All of the pupils looked fantastic with the ladies in elegant dresses and the gents in suits.

Pupils who have represented the school in sports fixtures over the past year and shown devotion and enthusiasm to training were invited to the awards night and these included players from the senior football, rugby, hockey and rowing teams.

Headmaster Mr. Griffiths officially opened the evening and congratulatory speeches were made by PE staff Mr. Carbutt, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Thurgood, Mr. Pidoux, Mr. Cudlipp and Mr. Brown.

It’s been a very busy year for the PE Department with the building and opening of the new sports dome, fixtures at places such as Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou and also hosting tournaments.

New staff members hockey coach Miss Wu, fitness specialist Mr. Harmon and head of rugby Mr. Thurgood have all joined Wycombe Abbey to help strengthen sports with their expert knowledge and experience.

Notable thanks was made to Miss Ye for all her administrative help in the PE office and gap pupils Mr. Greaves for helping with the girl’s football, Mr. Thompson, Miss Tamati for supporting netball, Mr. Ingall, Mr. Roden and Miss Chan and rowing coaches Mr. Jones and Mr. Suursild.

Several table top activities kept the guests busy and solving sports puzzles with the senior hockey girls table and Miss Cuthbertson winning the sports quiz and logo competition.

Staff and pupils alike also joined in for some limbo dancing fun with C. Zhang winning in Calypso style despite the best efforts from numerous staff members.

The event was extra special for L. Guo, K. Zhou and T. Zhou who had their birthday and were sung to by all the guests and enjoyed cake.

The awards winners were: Rugby Girls Best Performer L. Zhang, Rugby Girls Most Dedicated T. Shen, Rugby Boys Best Performer N. Zhang, Rugby Boys Most Dedicated G. Chen, Hockey Girls Best Performer J. Zhou, Hockey Girls Most Dedicated D. Qui, Football Girls Best Performer C. Gu, Football Girls Most Dedicated C. Zhang, Football Boys Best Performer E. Gu, Football Boys Most Dedicated C. Wang,  Rowing Best Performer T. Zhang and Rowing Most Dedicated L. Guo.

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