DOfE Trip to Yaolin

School News April 29, 2015

Yaolin 27th-29th April

The whole school went out to Yaolin in the beautiful Tonglu county of Zhejiang province for a Duke of Edinburgh International Award Practice expedition. The pupils were fully self-sufficient while camping and cooking for themselves over the two nights.

The first night they completed team building exercises and cooked on a camp fire. The second day was spent hiking and learning basic orienteering, while in the evening they cooked on a camp fire again. On the final day, pupils completed a large-scale scavenger hunt in a local park, where they firmed up their knowledge of navigation and map-reading and used them to full effect.

The pupils set an excellent example for our school and improved their outdoor skills, communication and teamwork. Pupils were challenged, but came back with an extremely positive attitude. On the return journey pupils were comforted by a pizza takeaway which was eaten on the buses.

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