Summer School Opens

School News July 15, 2019

Pupils arrived happy and eager to start the summer school. After a presentation to pupils and parents from Mr Pattison explaining the rationale and benefits of the summer school in preparing pupils for their next year’s study at WAISCZ, pupils took part in a series of team-building activities in the Dome.

This morning lessons start following the structured WAIS Summer School curriculum which is published to parents and pupils each week to support learning. Learning in summer school’s should be fun and interactive, but that supports a structured curriculum and helps learning, especially in the summer months.

Learning at WAIS in general is interactive, fun and enjoyable, but this is always part of a structure which puts the individual’s needs first and supports their growth and development.

With summer school trips to CATS and Disney as well as the MIT and Cambridge themed weeks, we look forward to a wonderful summer school!

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