WAIS Summer School - Art and Craft class

School News July 18, 2019

The Summer School has a diverse and varied Arts and Craft Programme supported by two Art Teachers, a Craft Teacher and two Artists in Residence. We are running both Art classes to prepare pupils for GCSE and A Level studies and Craft ECAs. 

In Art this week we are experimenting with collaborative drawing in ink and mixed media, mark making and collage. Drawing from observation is important to train pupils eye and improve recording skills, which are vital at GCSE and A Level. Our pupils benefit enormously from the opportunity to work in small groups, directly from a model in class. 

In the Craft ECA pupils have decorated ceramic mugs with their own design based on the theme of ‘Identity’, they have lots of projects to look forward to in the coming weeks including pottery, dream catchers and tie-dying projects. 

We are fortunate to be supported by our Artists in Residence graduated from WAISCZ in 2017, continuing their Art Studies at British Universities. Mandy Dai is currently studying Fashion Jewellery at UAL, London College of Fashion and Naomi Sun is studying Illustration at the University of Edinburgh. Mandy and Naomi are here to continue their own Artistic endeavors, support classes and advice pupils on their University choices. 

We look forward exhibiting the pupils work later this Summer!

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