WAIS Summer School - CATS the Musical

School News August 06, 2019

After a fantastic Saturday with Business Enrichment seeing pupils learn the value of resources and the purpose of the world economic system and a fun in school English movie, Sunday was also an interactive and interesting experience with many pupils getting up close to CATS, the acclaimed musical production.

The production values, the songs and the expressive use of English are all attributes which aim to inspire pupils. Pupils at WAISCZ and at our summer school are always exposed to a wide-variety of interesting experiences which helps them to make the best decisions about what is right for them and their future. Seeing the work and dedication of talented artists, dancers and musicians helps pupils to see the rewards that come with determination and effort. Ultimately, experiences like this one help a pupil make the correct decisions about who they want to be. 

Pupils and teachers enjoyed the musical greatly and this also helps to create a community where pupils and teachers share understanding and experiences and can discuss them and debate them. These shared experiences then support the development of language skills.

CATS was also a fun way to relax before a busy week ahead with our visitors from the Cambridge Rabble company coming to do iterative design and physical intellectual stimulation.

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