WAIS Summer School Science Fair

School News August 21, 2019

The pupils had a fantastic weekend at the Wycombe Abbey Summer School science fair, where they were given 2 options. The first option involved applying the pupils’ knowledge of physics towards making airplanes out of foam poster board. The pupils were presented with an array of materials such as glue, popsicle sticks and binder clips. The goal was to see whose glider could fly the furthest. The pupils had to consider every aspect of the design, from wing span to weight distribution. A key objective was to reinforce the glider enough to not break upon hitting the ground, but leaving it light enough to still be able to fly. After many flights, crashes, glides and soars, the pupils saw their 3 hours of planning and building come to fruition.

The second option was the pupils can make their own removable nail polish. Whilst the school normally discourages makeup and nail polish, the summer school has a more relaxed policy towards the matter. The pupils had to produce the solvent on their own, then add in dyes and colors of their choosing. Finally, they tested their concoctions on themselves, their friends, and even some willing teachers. Their giggles, laughs and chuckles filled the science corridor. The science fair was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to apply what they have learnt in an exhilarating and hands-on way.

The science department at the Wycombe Abbey Summer School aims to lay the foundations for IGCSE and A-level studies in Physics and Chemistry, helping the pupils understand key concepts and giving them an edge when the school year starts.

Prizes for the Science Fair will be awarded in the End of Summer School Presentation.

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