Centenary Anniversary Remembers Chinese Labour Corps 11th November 2019

School News November 20, 2019

On November 11th, 1918, Germany signed the armistice agreement. The cruel World War I finally ended after 10 million people died.

George V, the King of England, the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II, made it a day of remembrance for civilians and soldiers who died in the war.

The London cenotaph was built in 1920. Where each year people gather to remember the sacrifices of others. On 11th November red poppies are worn and wreaths are placed at the cenotaph.


This year the Meridian Society invited Mr. Griffiths, the Headmaster of Wycombe Abbey School, along with Mr. Taylor, the Academic Deputy, and Mr. Fan, the Head of our Young Pioneer, to take part in the memorial parade in London, laying wreaths made by the pupils.

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