Wycombe Abbey Annual Science Fair 2020

School News June 11, 2020

On the 16th of May, Wycombe Abbey held its annual science fair for Year 7 and 8 pupils. The aim of the science fair is to familiarize pupils with the scientific process and for them to gain some hands-on experience in problem solving, working as a team and developing scientific practical skills.

Pupils had to choose a project on their own, which allowed pupils to think creatively about the types of experiments they wished to showcase. Thus, it was up to the pupils to do their own research into their chosen idea, design and complete an experiment, which they would then use to produce a presentation explaining their work.  The pupils all did very well! They had minimal guidance from teachers and were able to takes ideas from what they had learned in their previous science lessons and develop them into their own creations.

They had three weeks to prepare and complete the projects. Although it was a challenging few weeks, the pupils pulled through and came up with some amazing work!

Awards were given out to three projects in each year group, plus one award for best project overall for the year group.

Year 7 Awards:

TK Martin, John Akordor and Jerry Shu

Tony Zhao, William Yao and Jason Zhang

Albert Luo, Eric Li, Andy Zhang and Kevin Zhang

Year 8 Awards:

Daisy Niu and Phoebe Zhu

Allen Dai, Kelsey Ye and Harrison Skyrme

Tom Cui and Beck Li

Best Project in Year 7 Award:

Lisa Chen and Chloe Zhu

Best Project in Year 8 Award:

Roger Ma, Ryan Liu, Simon Liu and Ricky Wang

It was an exciting morning with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Well done to all the pupils! Many of the staff members who came by to see the Science Fair were very impressed with the hard work that the pupils put into their posters and presentations on the day.

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