Secondary Sports Day

School News July 10, 2020

As the Summer term drew to a close here at Wycombe Abbey Changzhou, our track, field and swimming pool were in full use as we held the annual Sports Day, an event which bear witness to the strong sporting spirit in our school. With all secondary pupils (and staff!) participating, either as competitors or supporting their fellows, it was a fitting end to our Summer term which encapsulated the ethos of the school.

Divided in two halves, the annual House Athletics competition was held in the morning, and in the afternoon, we introduced a new event – The House Tetrathlon.

During our annual House Athletics competition, a number of different track and field events were held, including a number of races such as the 100m, 200m and 400m sprints, as well as the 4x 100m relay. On the field, we saw a range of year groups competing in events such as the Shotput, Long Jump, and High Jump; the techniques for these taught during our sport lessons with Mr Clamp, our Head of Athletics. Possibly the most exciting race of the morning, however, was our Teacher Vs Pupils 4x 100m relay. With the pupil and staff team battling all the way round the track, the Teacher team managed to pull away thanks to the efforts of Mr Hodges running at 4th position, winning the teacher team the gold medal. The staff team look forward to competing against the pupils next year! All competitors from the morning competition who were placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd received medals in the awards ceremony, held next to the track.

In the afternoon, the House Tetrathlon took place. Introduced by Mr Thurgood and Miss Tamati, which allowed small teams of pupils to compete as a unit in a 300m swim, 1km bike, 2km row and finally a 2km run around the school site. Although this event only consisted of teams of 4 students per house, the aquatics center and school site rang loud with the cheers of the competitor's fellows, urging on their housemates. Well enjoyed by all, we look forward to this new Tetrathlon becoming a regular part of our sporting calendar.

Following the Tetrathlon we moved into the Dome, where all pupils participated in a range of different team based competitions: Touch Rugby, Football, Netball, Ultimate Frisbee, Kwik-Cricket, Floorball and Basketball. This allowed for the focus to shift from individual athletes to teams, and for more pupils to be actively involved in representing their houses.

The day was packed with action, laughter, fun, and healthy competition. We were incredibly luck with the weather, and the heavy rain forecasted held off so that we remained dry. Sports day is all about participation, and from the track, to the field, to the Aquatics Center and the Dome, it was clear to see that everyone was able to be part of the action.

At the end of the day, the overall results of the day were announced, which were as follows:


Congratulations to Fonteyn and Hawking, but also to all medal winners, and all pupils who participated and made the day so enjoyable. We would also like to thank the PE department for setting up the day, as well as all staff helpers who allowed for the smooth running of the day. We look forward to seeing the same levels of competition and sportsmanship again next year!

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