Secondary Chinese Fan Painting

School News September 30, 2020
Secondary Chinese Fan Painting

In order to enrich pupils' campus life and improve their practical ability, teachers of Chinese Department of WASCZ organized a series of fan drawing activities for pupils in Year 7 to 10 on September 19.

Fan is a special cultural phenomenon in China. Literati have always liked to write poems and draw paintings on fans and express their feelings and aspirations. With the development of science and technology, various types of electric fan and air conditioning are gradually replacing the old Pu fan. Considering this idea, pupils and teachers were able to evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Our pupils were able to step into a world where an elder shakes a palm leaf fan to drive away mosquitoes, while telling, affectionately and lovingly, their children and grandchild stories on a hot summer day. Through our art we can reach deeply into our culture and heritage and gain insights which support us through the rest of our lives.

Pupils really enjoyed the activity. They participated actively and helped each other. In the activity, each pupil had his own ideas and completed his own works.

Chinese fan culture is a profound cultural heritage, which is an integral part of Chinese culture. It is closely related to bamboo culture and Buddhist culture. China has always been known as the kingdom of fan making.  

Fan is not only a tool in summer, but also an excellent medium for literati to express their talents. Writing Poems with painting on the fan is one of the characteristics of our Chinese fans.

This activity not only gives pupils the enjoyment of beauty and edification of their thoughts and feelings, but also stimulates their interest in artistic and literary works, arouses their thirst for knowledge, and improves their practical ability, imagination and creativity.