CLC Commemoration Event

School News November 16, 2020
CLC Commemoration Event

On November 11th, Britain, France and other countries in Europe will hold large-scale memorial ceremony annually for soldiers who sacrificed in World War I. On this day, members in Meridian Society will gather in London, to mourn more than 20000 Chinese labor Corps who died in the WW1.

Affected by the epidemic, the official ceremony in London was cancelled this year. However, Ms. L. Wen and Mr. Griffiths, who are important members of in Meridian Society, believed that since the contribution of Chinese Labor Corps to WW1 had been ignored for a long time in history, an online activity will be necessary to raise people's re-examination of this part of history.

The same as last year, all teachers and pupils in WASCZ actively participated in this activity. Mr. Fan organized pupil to read the poem "We", written by the poet Yuanfan in memory of Chinese labor Corps. During the recitation, we can see paper cranes one the desks. These paper cranes were carefully made by the pupil who failed to participate in the recitation, which contained our hearts of memorizing the labor force and opposing the war. The recitation was recorded and edited. According to activity schedule, the reading video will be broadcasted at 10:07 a.m. London time on November 11 (6:07 p.m. Beijing time)

As the poem says: when we fall, we have no name, no tombstone. However, all teachers and pupils in WASCZ believe that the great contribution of Chinese labor Corps to the victory of WWL will be recovered!

               Running Order for CLC Commemoration Event

09:35     Introduction by W. Peng 

09.40     Slide show by Ming'Ai Institute

09.50     Reading: J. Delucy

09:55     Play: 'Forgotten' by D. York Loh

10:02     Speech: H. Lu

10:07     Poem: 'We' performed by Wycombe Abbey School, Changzhou

10:11     Tribute: K. Soo

10:16     Film: To Work! by The Meridian Society

10:25     Speech: Dr Y. Poon

10:29     Reading: M. Crook

10:33     Musical: ‘Song Unsung’by East Zest

10:45     Tribute: L. Cheng + translation

10:50     Reading: B. McClune & J. Rosborough

10:55     Video: First World War Chinese Labourers Memorial Hall

11:00     2-minute silence

11:02     Wreath laying

11:06     Group photo!