School News March 26, 2021

On Saturday, all students took part in a 1km Fun Run House competition, running a route around the school campus. Supported by the beautiful spring weather, the cheering of their peers and music from the stands, the students made their way around the route in good time, all a credit to their house for trying their very best; a fun occasion with the opportunity for the more competitive runners to test their speed and endurance.

The competition was split into the Boys and Girls Houses, and into age groups with Years 7 & 8 combined, Years 9, 10 & Pre AYs and Pre-AX to Year 13. After the final age group had run, a bonus race was announced; An open invitation for students of any age group to come and race against the teachers!

At the end of the afternoon, the results were announced and read as follows.
In the Girls’ Houses:
1st Fonteyn
2nd Dove
3rd Somerville/Cavell joint
5th Austen
6th Blyton

In the Boys’ Houses:
1st Newton
2nd Hawking
3rd Blake
4th Scott
5th Turner
6th Elgar

A congratulations must go to all students as all took part and tried their very hardest, pushing themselves to their personal limits. As well as this, congratulations to Fonteyn and Newton for their great effort across all the year groups which ultimately put them in the top position. As part of our athletics program, we are now looking ahead to our summer sports day, where students will take part in a range of track and field events on the track.