Rotary Club 6th Form Lecture Series - Ian Mote

School News December 03, 2016

Wycombe Abbey International School were both delighted and priviledged to host Ian Mote as their rotary keynote speaker in November. Mr Mote, originally from London, studied Maths and Statistics at the University of Warwick, before working for Standard Chartered in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and finally Shanghai as Director.

Mr Mote, is also an acclaimed published author having written the book ‘From Chicken Feet to Crystal Baths’, in which he details his memorable moments from living and working in China over the last 10 years. It is also a great account of how he adjusted to life in China, with the high and lows along the way, describing the many cultural nuances of China and how they differ from those in the West.

The Deputy Headmaster (Academic) Philip Dearden, who invited Mr Mote to speak to the pupils said, “this was a great opportunity for our pupils to hear perspectives of living in China from an expatriate, who probably knows more about China than they do! His insights into finance in China were super and given our continual outstanding examination success in Mathematics at Wycombe Abbey, exceptionally useful for many of our pupils, considering these career pathways in the future.”

Mr Mote gave two presentations, the first being a question and answer session with senior examination pupils focused career paths using Mathematics and Accounting, two of Mr Mote’s many areas of expertise. Pupils were enthusiastic and engaged, with discussions relating to the current context of China in the world economically and the importance of English in finance, wherever you are in the world.

In the evening, Mr Mote then gave a highly informative and enjoyable presentation, in which he detailed some of his experiences as an expatriate in China. The pupils found the presentation both entertaining and interesting.

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