Welcome to the Secondary Summer School

School News July 15, 2021
Welcome to the Secondary Summer School

The first few days of the Secondary Summer School have been a great experience for all involved.

Pupils have taken part in a wide range of activities both inside and outside of class.

In Science, pupils have been testing the acidity of a range of different substances, while other groups have been building their designs for use on our new 3D printers, bought specially for the summer school. In Maths, structural problems are a great way to explore practical Maths in action and a great number of very creative bridges have been made by our pupils. Projects class has seen pupils begin work on their model of the River Nile and Ancient Egypt understanding the geographical implications of the landscape on development. Business class has looked a case studies of successful business pitches as pupils begin to prepare their own pitch. In English, pupils are working on projects on ‘Minions’ Story Writing and Asian Temples, while also learning core vocabulary and grammar that they will need in the future.

Art is always special in Wycombe Abbey and this summer course is no different. In clay-making pupils have been adding organic matter to create texture on their plates, bowls and cups. Many pupils were astonished to learn that, when fired the leaves, simply burn away to leave their imprint in the clay. The molded clay looks incredibly beautiful and we can’t wait to see the finished product fired and glazed. Other pupils have been trying dark-room photography and fashion design as part of their work. In the library, all summer school pupils have had a chance to sample our collection of reading books and are taking part in our summer school reading competition to see who can read the most books this summer.

Sports has seen pupils build on existing skills and see the importance of physical exercise, effective warm-ups and competition in realising their athletic potential. By doing 1 hour and 40 minutes of sports every day we aim to continue our long tradition of shaping strong, resilient and healthy pupils who can go into the top universities in the world and succeed.

At the end of the course on August 7th we hope to display to all parents the fantastic work our pupils have done at the end of course Art, Science and Awards Fair. The pupils have already produced fantastic work and we know this will continue throughout the course. Teachers have been very impressed with the high standards of behaviour from pupils, both existing pupils at our school and new pupils who are adapting for the first time.

Pupils all have a tutor group and in their tutor group, they have been discussing the school’s core values learning vocabulary related to character and perseverance and taking life-lessons from their tutor on how to practice achieving those character traits.

Courage and Resilience

Respect and Loyalty

Responsibility and Discipline

Integrity and Humour

Tolerance and Selfless Commitment

Tutors also take feedback on the school. The comments that keep being repeated by pupils is that the school and the teachers are very ‘kind and friendly’ and that lessons are ‘interesting and active’. We are proud of our kind and friendly school atmosphere and we thank the pupils for their kind comments.

On Saturday, we will have English Debate Academic Enrichment, followed by lunch and then a Football Competition. After that, parents will be able to visit the school between 3.30-5.30pm, then it will be dinner and a movie/music practice. Music practice is available every night of the week and is lead by our Head Violinist, Mr Tong- many pupils have been attending practice in the evenings and that is a wonderful reflection of our school’s emphasis on music. On Sunday there will be a whole day trip to Joyland amusement park followed by music practice or time to relax and unwind before another busy week at Wycombe Abbey Summer School.