Summer School Sports Competition - Football

School News July 21, 2021
Summer School Sports Competition - Football

Competition is an integral part of Wycombe Abbey Changzhou’s vision of holistic education. It is by engaging with competitive sport that pupils learn communication, teamwork and passionate dedication. Sports also promotes physical health and well-being and the intensity of competition only increases those advantages.

To that end, an exciting football tournament was held between the Secondary Summer camp students at Wycombe Abbey School at the weekend. Seven teams consisting of nearly eighty young, passionate football players participated in the competition to show their skills and passion for the sport. The game was organized under the guidance of our full-time Wycombe Abbey School PE staff members; however, the matches attracted many other teachers as spectators. Each team had a PE staff member as a coach and they and the pupils inspired all their team to engage with the competition.

The games were full of excitement and surprises and the pupils displayed resilience, hard-work and excellent performance. The 3rd and 4th place playoff took place between class L3 and class M1 and with Leo Shao’s outstanding performance L3 came 3rd defeating their more senior opponents. The final match took place between class L2 and class U1. The first half began with a lot of thrills and changes. Both the team gave the best of their effort, but in the end L2 stayed undefeated and won the Wycombe Abbey Summer Camp Football Tournament 2021.Lastly, although there were many excellent performances during the games, Alex Du from L2 was awarded the best player of the tournament because he showed great skills, attitude, and teamwork.

Congratulations to everyone and we are thrilled to witness such an energetic football tournament.