Rekindling Reading

School News September 07, 2021
Rekindling Reading

Last Saturday we had our first Academic Enrichment for the school year which focused on the Library and Reading.

Since they will now be using the Secondary Library, Grade 6 spent the first part of the morning doing a matching activity on common library terms, being shown how to use the library catalog, and going over library rules.

Years 8 and 9 had a similar refresher on the library to remind previous students of how the library works as well as introduce the library to pupils who are new to our school. Some of the pupils even got up to lead their class in using the library catalog.

During the second part, the activities gave the pupils a chance to be more hands on and creative. Grade 6 had been split into their House: each given a box, paper, colored pencils, and glue. They were tasked to decorate the box as the designated “Library Books” box for their Boarding Floor. These boxes were taken back to the Boarding Houses, ready to use, to assist House pupils in returning their library books.

Year 8 and Year 9 were challenged to create a poster for a book that they really enjoyed. It could be any book and we were blown away by the work these pupils did in just an hour. These will be going up on the board outside the Secondary Library for all the school to see and admire.

All this was to inspire the pupils to participate in the Inter-House Reading Competition that will be taking place all year. Pupils in Secondary (from Grade 6 to Year 13) have been challenged to set a goal of how many books in English they think they can read this year. These goals are discussed with the tutors who help the pupils come up with a reasonable number based on how comfortable they are with English and how heavy their coursework is this year. Points will be awarded based on writing a review of the book that has been read and more points awarded for reaching the Reading Goal. The Houses will be able to track the points on the board outside the library. At the end of the year there will be a party and a trophy for the Girls House and the Boys House with the most points.