Summer Reading Awards at Year Presentations

School News September 17, 2021
Summer Reading Awards at Year Presentations

Every autumn, pupils return to school and some soon realize that they have fallen prey to the “Summer Slump”: when unused academic skills lay dormant for too long and the pupil must work to relearn skills they already knew.

To help Wycombe Abbey Secondary pupils combat this, we introduced the Summer Reading Competition in June. We sent home recommended reading lists and summary pages, asking pupils to read as many books as they could over the holiday, then turn the summaries in to the Library when they got back to school.

The results were fantastic. Our pupils read an incredible number of books this summer, across a variety of subjects, and turned in pages and pages of summaries. The Library staff has been reading and counting summaries since school got back into session. This week, we are happy to announce the winners of the 2021 Wycombe Abbey Summer Reading Competition:

In 3rd Place is Amani Qureshi Year 13 from Somerville House.

In 2nd Place is Renie Yu Year 8 of Dove House.

In 1st Place is Caterina Monticelli Year 10 of Fonteyn House.

All three pupils received a certificate, a trophy, and a voucher for the Blue Fountain Book Fair that will be arriving in October.

In addition to their individual prizes, the pupils’ Houses will also receive extra points for the Inter-House Reading Competition that started in September.

For this competition, all the pupils in Secondary have been asked to set a goal of how many English books they believe they can read this year. These goals are individual, based on the workload of the pupil and how proficient they are in English. Points are awarded every time a pupil submits a review of the book they have read during the school year with extra points for reaching and going over their goals.

The Inter-House Reading Competition will run from now until the end of May 2022. There will be a Boys House Winner and a Girls House Winner, both of whom will receive a trophy and have a party in the Library.

Best of luck to everyone and happy reading!