Senior Leadership Team Presentations

School News August 15, 2015

August 2015 began with the Headmaster interviewed on Regional & National Television channels discussing the School, British Education, Oxbridge and the ‘value added’ from a traditional British education system here in Changzhou.

The Senior Leadership Team that contains the Headmaster, The Deputy Headmasters, Head of KG & Director of Music have all followed the Headmasters lead with regular media presentations to include; TV interviews, National Conference presentations & Local Newspapers.

As a response to parental interest and requests, the following dates have been published to outline when the Senior Leadership Team will participate in regional or national events in China.

Sina interview - April 2015/16; Suzhou media interview - June 2015/16; TBEducation interview - September 2016/17; International Schools Exhibition - Shanghai October 2016/17; Hurun Report interview - November 2016/17

Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral)
Beijing - Olympic Office National Coaching Conference 2015/16; Qingdao - Coaching the Coaches (CRFA) 2015/16; Qingdao – China National Team Presentation 2015/16; Changzhou – National TV interview - November 2016/17; Qingdao – National Rugby Competition 2016/17; Shanghai - International Schools Conference 2016/17; Shanghai - CCTV 5 Interview 2016/17; Hefei - Hurun Education Presentations & Guide 2016/17

Deputy Headmaster (Academic) 
International Schools Conference - Shanghai November 2015/16

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