National High School Debate League of China

School News December 14, 2021
National High School Debate League of China

On Saturday, December 4th, twelve Wycombe Abbey students took part in the National High School Debate League of China Online Debate Competition. The two-day competition consisted of four open rounds followed by four final rounds.

The resolution for this year’s debate competitions is “Resolved: A space race between China and the United States would cause more benefits than harm.” The competition uses a ranking system so each time the pupils compete their ranking moves accordingly.

This was the first time these students have done any kind of debate and had been preparing for this all term. Though nervous at the beginning, they quickly found that they were well prepared for this competition. By combining their own notes with the notes provided by NHSDLC they were able to give solid speeches on the resolution.

At the end, three teams made it into the final few rounds. Y10 Yilia Han and Jasmine Li won the Middle School Octofinal on Saturday night to advanced to the Quarterfinal Sunday morning. Y11 Emily Wang and Annabel Chen advanced to the Open Octofinal and Kenina Jia and Jane Zhang advanced to the Open Quarterfinal both on Sunday morning.

A special mention must go to Kenina Jia who was nominated as one of the Best Speakers for the Open section of the entire competition, which is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the hard work put in leading up to the debate.

Congratulations to all the students who competed.

Year 12:

Athena Xia

Eva Xu

Year 11:                  

Annabel Chen

Emily Wang

Jane Zhang

Jenny Hu

Kenina Jia

Lorraine Li

Year 10:

Jasmine Li

Yilia Han

Year 9:

Annabelle Hsu

Jenny You