Lower School Internal Football Competition

School News October 31, 2022
Lower School Internal Football Competition

On 22nd of October 2022 we welcomed our grade one, two, five and six footballers to take part in our exciting Internal Football Competition; the first of its kind, here at WASCZ. With external competitions still delayed, we wanted to create the opportunity for our children to experience a competitive sport environment and the chance to showcase their skills and abilities.

What made the event even more exciting was inviting parents to spectate and cheer on all the children from the sidelines. It has been too long since we have been able to share our sporting delights with you all. It felt rewarding and fulfilling to have families join us.

The event consisted of competitions between the ages. Our grade one and two children were put into 4 mixed teams and played 12 minute halves. This was the first for many of them to take part in a football competition, and they did amazingly well, showing dedication defending, chasing the ball, and scoring many goals. It was great to see them having a lot of fun and displaying excellent sportsmanship.  

Our grade five and six students displayed wonderful skills and, in particular, their footwork was very impressive. Short and sharp passes and weaving between players proved to be vital skills needed in order to keep the ball away from defending players. Teamwork was well established, with much communication and praise between players shown throughout.

It was a very special day, and we thank all for attending, playing, and supporting.

This year our football programme is led by two outstanding and experienced coaches Mr G Ristic and Mr P Grigorev. With over a hundred students in lower school football community, our coaches have been dedicated in the development of football skills as well as creating a friendly and sportsmanship like atmosphere. Football for our young players is about enjoyment and learning key fundamental skills and strategies, in which our football athletes will thrive.

We look forward to the further development of primary football under the guidance of our coaches, and many more fixtures for parents to participate.