Lionfish’s Discovery Journey ——Volcano Eruption

School News March 09, 2023
Lionfish’s Discovery Journey ——Volcano Eruption

“Blue sky is the home of white clouds, and clear river is the home of fish. So, whose home is this beautiful Earth?” The children answered in unison: "It's our home!" “Shouldn't we cherish this beautiful Earth home then?” 

At this moment, Chris suddenly answered, "There was an earthquake in Turkey." 

Jerry also said, "Yes, my mother told me that there was an earthquake in Turkey." 

Maybe Chris saw that the earthquake had damaged our Earth home. It's amazing that the children in Lionfish can remember what they have been told about world news and bring it into the classroom. Besides earthquakes, the children had also talked about another natural disaster - volcanic eruption. 

Rico said, " I also know about volcanic eruptions. There are active volcanoes and dead volcanoes." 

After learning about earthquakes, we started activities on volcanoes.

We first watched a video of a volcanic eruption. When the children saw this spectacular scene, they all paused, and perhaps their young hearts were also touched by the power of nature. During a volcanic eruption, lava and volcanic ash are emitted. Children were interested in doing an experiment to recreate the scene of a volcanic eruption. It requires baking soda, white vinegar, and food coloring. We added white vinegar to a cup, a few drops of food coloring, and then baking soda. As soon as the baking soda was added in, a exothermic reaction occurred. The surprised expressions on the children's faces could tell how successful the experiment was. Almost every child exclaimed with excitement: "Wow, wow, wow!"

Next, we expressed "Volcano Eruption" through art. However, the tool we used were quite different to normal. Finding out that wire balls could be used for painting, the children looked very shocked and exclaimed, "We have these at home, and my grandmother uses these to clean pots..." After observing the color of the lava, we started to dip the wire balls into the red and yellow paints and dotted them on the paper. The texture of the wire balls perfectly represented the state of the lava eruption. At this moment, Candice suddenly said, "These two colors become orange when they are mixed together." More and more children discovered the new colors could be produced by mixing. Finally, the children drew the shape of the volcano themselves, and a "Volcano Eruption" artwork was done.

Lionfish’s exploration of volcanoes will continue. As the children's knowledge and experience accumulate, we will gradually deepen our understanding of the causes of volcanic eruptions, the disasters caused by volcanic eruptions, and so on. In our future playing, learning, and living, we will continue to respect the subjectivity of early childhood learning, crouch down to listen to their voices, and design activities they enjoy based on their interests.