Fast Lane to Victory in Xiamen!!

School News April 14, 2023
Fast Lane to Victory in Xiamen!!

Friday 17th of March saw a group of excited and nervous swimmers boarding a plane to Xiamen to compete in the FISSCA Swimming Competition 2023. Our Grade 4 to 10 swimming team took part in this thrilling opportunity. They have been working extremely hard and now for the first time in over 3 years it was time to showcase our students’ exceptional talent.

Competition day approached and our team started off with a 6am rise and shine followed by breakfast and a team talk. They travelled to Xiamen International School where it was time for our swimmers to warm up and prep for what was going to be a full day of competition.

The atmosphere at Xiamen International School was electric. They welcomed us warmly and helped our team to become familiar in what was a new environment for our team. Our students soon felt at ease and started networking with other students from across different schools. It was fantastic to witness all the schools and students creating friendships and cheering on other one another in competitive moments.

Each team member was involved in age group races including freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke against the other schools. Each race was a fight of endurance, power and will. Our team showed great courage and strength in their performances by dominating each of their races right up until the very last stroke.

Our WASCZ swimming team have trained extremely hard for this event and it has paid dividends. Many medals were awarded for 1st place in their individual races with a total of 27 medals collected by our WASCZ swimmers. Not only did we take home a tremendous haul of medals but we were also presented with the 1st place trophy. Our team was extremely proud, celebrating and cheering on each other for such a great outcome.

After a great day we celebrated with a delicious barbeque for dinner, replenishing our energy and strengthening our friendships. Our next challenges were discussed excitedly amongst our students, and it was heartwarming to hear.  The water is our sky; we are ready to dive into our next encounter!