Kindergarten Winter Show 2023

School News December 27, 2023
Kindergarten Winter Show 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and everyone is excited. To mark the beginning of the festive holiday season the kindergarten hosted our Winter Show of 2023. This is such a special event that the children look forward to every year. Everything about it is exciting, from learning new songs, to getting dressed up and of course the fact they get to perform for their mummies and daddies in the theatre. The day did not disappoint. All the children were full of smiles, and you could feel the happiness beaming off them when they arrived at the theatre. They walked up on stage with confidence and used this confidence to create magical performances that had all the parents and teachers singing and dancing along with them.

Not only are large performances like this fun for the students, but also, they are very important for development. For a lot of the students at a kindergarten level this is the first time they have ever been on stage performing in front of a large crowd and this can be a very daunting experience. Giving young children the chance to perform helps build confidence, creative skills and helps teach them the importance of teamwork. These are all very important aspects of a child’s progression, and they are skills they will use as they grow older.

The show started with a wonderful introduction from our two hosts and our lovely head of KG Ms Emma Chen, who then introduced our first performance which was an amazing performance by all of the students and teachers from the kindergarten, along with a live band made up of some of our very talented upper school students. The students sang a wonderful festive holiday song which was the perfect way to start off our show.

After the group performance we began our individual class performances. Each class had been practicing for weeks in advance to the Winter Show and this really showed with how fantastic each performance was. 

Our first performances came from our youngest students form our KG1 grade group. These are very special performances because a lot of the KG1 students are aged between 3 and 4 years old, which means this is their first year at school. So it is very special for their parents to see them get up on stage and perform. And they were truly amazing performances. Such cute costumes and bright smiles.

Up next was our KG2 students. As the students get older they are able to project their voices more and have better control over their motor skills and this was definitely the case for the KG2 performances. They were singing loudly and showing off their beautiful dancing abilities.

Then up came our oldest students our KG3 students. This age group is also very special as this will more than likely be their final year in kindergarten. So for most of the students this will be one of the last chances they will get to perform with friends that they have made over the last 3 years in kindergarten. As you watch the performances you really can see how much each class has become a little family full of strong friendships.

All of our class performances created so much happiness in the crowd with parents constantly taking photos as their children found them from the stage and would wave our smile at the mummies and daddies, so proud of their achievements.

As we finished our class performances we came to the end of our Winter Show, but not before the students and teachers graced the audience with one last performance, a beautiful rendition of a classic winter song “Jingle Bells”. This was another chance for all the students and teachers to sing as a large group and it really was the perfect way to finish off such a wonderful show.

What a beautiful day and a great way to wish everyone a big “happy holiday”.