U11 Boys Football

School News April 20, 2019
U11 Boys Football

On Saturday ten boys from Grades 3, 4 and 5 travelled to Shanghai to take part in a boys football tournament. This meant a very early 5.45 start to the day. Nevertheless the boys were all very excited to test their skills out against some other international schools.

The final match of the day was played against HDNGB. The Wycombe Abbey boys were determined to score a goal in this game as earlier matches in the day had both ended in defeat. The HDNGB team was filled with good passers of the ball and it proved difficult for Wycombe Abbey to win the ball back. This meant that that at half time the u11 boys team were losing 3-0.

The introduction of J. Yu and E. Zhu gave the team a new found belief in their tackling and passing play. The determination of both boys lead to J. Yu winning the ball back high up the pitch before finishing with power into the bottom corner. The WAIS team had their first goal of the day due to their hard work and determination! 

The first goal was closely followed by a second goal scored by L. Angheben. L. Angeheben managed to calmly side foot the ball past the on rushing goalkeeper after a well taken corner from H. Liao. This meant the score was now 3-2.

Unfortunately a quick double from the HDNGB team put an end to the WAIS comeback. The final score was 5-2 to HDNGB.