School News September 03, 2020

On Monday 31st August, Wycombe Abbey Kindergarten welcomed new and returning children for the start of the year.

Children and teachers were both very excited about the start of term and the children had big smiles on their faces when they were greeted by our KG staff.  Many children walked in with confidence wearing their name badges with pride.

The children were walked to their new classrooms where they had the opportunity to explore and play with their new toys and equipment.  The children learnt about life in Kindergarten and their daily routines.  They took part in 'getting to know you' activities and drew pictures about their holiday, spoke about their family members as well as taking part in a play – based learning environment. The children also were taken on a tour of the school, sang songs in English and many children visited the swimming pool and undertook ECAs.  This all took place on their first day!!

All the children in Kindergarten had a great first break time, where many of our children played on the playground equipment for the first time. The teachers use the outside areas as another classroom, allowing them to interact with water, sand, chalk, small world equipment and much much more.  The children loved seeing their friends and playing games with them and many built new relationships with children they have never met. 

After a morning of lessons, all of our children in KG enjoyed their first lunch of the year.  Our KG3 children were super excited as they were able to eat in the canteen for the first time, something which all children look forward to when moving through Kindergarten.  Our KG1 children are only attending morning for the first week for a smooth transition to school and as the children were walking to the gates, they were sharing with their teachers all the exciting things they had done that morning.

Each week our teachers pick a 'Star of the Week' for their class and they are presented with a certificate in assembly, but after the wonderful feedback from Monday – I would like to reward all the children in KG ‘Star of the Week' from Mrs. Mayell.

We cannot wait to share more of Kindergarten's learning and adventures with you over the course of what will be a wonderful year.