Second Hand Market in G1

School News May 07, 2021
Second Hand Market in G1

With the development of technology in today’s society, we use WeChat pay and Ali Pay instead of notes and coins. Children in 2021 don’t have many chances to use money to pay for goods and serviced. So this week Grade 1 held a second hand market for children to practice using money. This was a good opportunity for our children to use notes and coins in real life situations.

Our children put a lot of effort to get ready for the market. We have been working so hard this week to recognize yuan, jiao, fen and learning to calculate money. Each pupil joined in the activity and brought items they no longer needed but could be used again. We collected items together and labelled the price. Our classrooms turned into different shops: a book shop, a toy shop and a handicraft shop. Each shop had two cashiers to check the price and give the change. This required the children to be very familiar with calculating money.

The shops opened up to some very excited Grade 1 pupils. They could not wait to choose the items they want. Every little customer got their own shopping list. They walked around different shops first and then chose the items they wanted. They needed to write the items they wanted to buy and the price they needed to pay on the shopping list, think about how much they needed to pay and the change they needed to get.

Well done, boys and girls! What a fantastic job!