Primary Choirs Christmas Performances

School News December 08, 2021
Primary Choirs Christmas Performances

This week, after having practiced over the course of the Michaelmas Term, the Primary Junior and Senior Choirs had the chance to perform at the Christmas Lighting Ceremonies of two hotels in the city.

Supported by saxophone and string quartets respectively from Secondary, the children on both evenings set off excitedly on the bus to the hotel, with many getting some last minute rehearsal time in on the bus!

Dressed very smartly in full Wycombe Abbey School uniform, along with traditional red Santa hats, the members of the choirs and musical ensembles tucked in to a delicious buffet dinner to ensure they had enough energy to perform on stage, but making sure not to have too much sweets and ice cream for pudding.

Singing some classic Christmas songs such a “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World”, with the ensembles playing beautiful pieces of music including “Carol of the Bells”, parents and guests in the hotel were enthralled by the brilliant performances from the Wycombe Abbey music team.

A fantastic effort from everyone, and a big thank you to all involved in the hours of practice that led up to this week’s performances.

Next up for the choirs will be their end of term show on Friday 10th December in the theatre!

Merry Christmas Everyone!