In support of our vision to create educational opportunities for pupils of exceptional ability and potential, Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou operates a scholarship programme. The goal of the Scholarship Programme is to support exceptionally talented students and challenge them to excel at the school and beyond.

Scholarships may be awarded to those demonstrating Academic or Musical excellence.

Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou Scholarship Scheme

A Scholarship may be awarded to a limited number of new pupils who are offered a place at the school. The Scholarship is for those who show exceptional academic or musical talent. Most Academic Scholarships are awarded after a pupil has completed at least one year of their education. Pupils will have displayed excellent academic achievement in all their subjects. Academic Scholarships may be offered when a pupil has achieved an exceptionally high grade in their entry assessments (English and Mathematics). In these cases a pupil will be invited to sit an additional General Paper, together with a rigorous academic interview, and the family will be advised of the outcome with one week. Music Scholarships are awarded to pupils who satisfy three key criteria: excellent technical skills, empathy and passion, thorough musical knowledge (history and genre). Music scholars must also meet the school’s usual academic requirements for entry.

Scholarships lasts for a maximum of 3 years considering their entry year level and school level and represents a tuition fee reduction based on published school fees for each academic year during this period. Pupils graduating from one school level to the next will have to re-apply.

Scholarship Committee

Each school has a Committee comprising the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster (Academic) and Director of Music.


The value of the Scholarship is determined by the Headmaster.

Once awarded, the students will need to meet defined requirements set by the school to maintain the Scholarship


School reserves the right to withdraw or reduce any Scholarship should the recipient fail to meet the defined requirements stipulated by the school. Scholars must also show exemplary behaviour.

Where the school feels the Scholarship may be withdrawn or reduced a formal letter of warning outlining the potential reason for withdrawal will be given. Students who receive a warning will be given a 3 month period to improve.


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