On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of May, the Wycombe Abbey Changzhou Fencing team travelled to Xinbei to take part in a competition, in which they saw great team and individual success. All the pupils, from Years 7 to 10, practiced the Epee style in their bouts, a form of fencing in which allows for the whole body to be a valid target for strikes made with the tip of the epee sword.

We boarded the bus at 8. 45 and set off for Dongshan, near Suzhou. When we arrived, the students were all in good spirits and excited for the hike. It was a hot day so we ensured everyone had lots of water and sunscream before setting off up the mountain. It was a challenging but beautiful hike over the hills and through an orchard. It lasted about three hours before we arrived to the campsite. The students then had an opportunity to relax and play some games before a lesson in cooking outdoors. At about 9 pm, the rain started but all the students were in their tents and keeping dry.

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