WASCZ Fencing & Tennis

School News March 13, 2023
WASCZ Fencing & Tennis

Saturday 4th March was an exciting day that saw WAS Changzhou host our Annual Tennis Competition for Lower School and Fencing for both Lower and Upper School. This year in particular was very special as we were once again able to invite parents onsite to support and witness the talent of our children. 

All who took part have been working incredibly hard over the course of the school year to develop and strengthen their skills within these sports. The competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and put into practice the skills learnt into a competitive environment.

The atmosphere of both competitions was exciting with parents cheering for all students and our  competitors focused on their sport and preforming to their best. Our coaches put together the competition and we thank them for providing their knowledge and expertise for our students.

Wonderful performance was showcased by all our talented students. I would firstly like to highlight our Tennis students who were praised for their impressive forehand and backhand shots, the continuous rallies between opponents and footwork on the court was truly amazing to witness.

Our Fencing students displayed great variation of sword techniques, explosive speed and flexibility. Many of the matches were closely contested with some nail-biting moment which made for great entertainment!

Thanks to all parents who came along in support of our event. We look forward to future sports competitions with parents cheering from the sidelines.