COBIS Student Achievement Awards

School News May 18, 2023
COBIS Student Achievement Awards

At WASCZ, we are pleased to recognise our students' many accomplishments and successes. The COBIS Student Achievement Awards are given to students who have distinguished themselves in numerous ways. Congratulations to WASCZ students I. Zhang and Emily. Wang, who won the COBIS Student Achievement Award this year "outstanding academic achievement" and "outstanding effort" respectively. COBIS is a global association that represents more than 400 international British schools and organisations. The COBIS Awards honour students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular engagement, and leadership potential. Emily and Iker should be very pleased with their accomplishments, as winning a COBIS Award is a prestigious honour.

Iker's academic achievements are exceptional, consistently scoring full marks in most A Level modules and obtaining multiple 9s in his IGCSEs. He is highly respected by his teachers for his outstanding effort and exceptional talent in every academic discipline. As a school prefect, Iker displays confident leadership, organizing various social events and demonstrating kindness and patience towards every aspect of school life. His passion for professional football has led him to channel his scientific knowledge into designing innovative solutions, such as developing shin guards that function as health monitors for players, showcasing his resilience and creativity.

E. Wang (Grade 11) is an exceptional student who has achieved many remarkable academic successes and excelled in extracurricular activities. She achieved perfect scores in several exams, including IAL Maths P1 and January exams in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. In addition to her academic prowess, Emily has participated in various competitions, earning distinctions in the CEMC, JCCO, and ASOC competitions. She has also achieved a Gold certificate for the UKChO. Emily's phenomenal skills, dedication, and hard work make her a remarkable student who is sure to continue achieving great success at WASCZ in her future endeavours.