Girls Rugby In Shanghai

School News September 22, 2019

Saturday 21st September was the first senior girls rugby team fixture of the year at Shanghai American School Puxi. The girls have been training hard in the short time they have been back at school and lots of new players were eager to play their first competitive rugby fixture.

Despite it being a nice sunny morning when the girls set off from Changzhou, the weather changed dramatically during the journey to Shanghai, with strong winds and heavy rain setting in. The conditions were difficult, but as soon as the girls started warming up, they looked ready to go.

The first match started off well. The team worked hard in defence and put in some big tackles, but were caught out wide a couple of times and the faster backs of the opposition were able to score a couple of tries. With the wet conditions, Wycombe Abbey were finding it difficult to keep hold of the ball and get out of their own half. However, with big tackles coming in from the likes of L. Cao, A, Zhao, K. Zhou and T. Zhou, they were able to get the ball back on a few occasions with E. Zheng and C. Zhang being constant threats in attack when they did have the ball.

The second match was very similar to the first, but the constant defensive effort was tiring the team out. Despite this, some of the less experienced girls started to get into the game more with some particularly good play from A. Cui running good support lines. With the attack improving, R. Liu was able to finish a great try in the corner to end the day.

After the matches, the hosts treat the travelling Wycombe Abbey team to a delicious buffet, making the whole team feel very welcome and allowing them to refuel before making the journey back to Changzhou.

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